Olga and Ilya, Gazhienko the request of his son decided to get a dog


The surprise was a success. Fulfilled the dream of our beloved boy. Meet our new friend. Chihuahua breed, 3.5 month. My Name Is Max. A name invented by Cyril, from the first seconds has started to call it so, and we have no choice. Thanks to the movie “the secret life of Pets”.

Eats dry food, a tablespoon 3 times a day. Goes on the diaper, while occasionally there are mistakes. All vaccinations done by the breeder. Loves to walk, very friendly, sleeps with us. Living with us for a week. I very long could not decide. Was worried to appear too many additional concerns, but as it turned out, in vain. Of love, affection and positive emotions much more than worries.

Thought never to get a dog in the apartment, but as you can see, never say never! Kirill asked the dog. We gave up and yet never for a moment regretted. Write a post, and Max is so sweet snuffle on me
[Author: Olga Gazhienko]