Olesya Sudzilovskaya: “I allow myself to be lazy”

The actress told how she managed to recover quickly after the second birth

In January 2016, Olesya Sudzilovskaya again became a mother — came to light its second son, Mike. However, now the actress has returned not only to work but also to the old forms. How she managed to recover so quickly after giving birth, the star said in an interview with “Vibe”.

“It is work on yourself. (Laughs.) During feeding it’s not so scary, it takes reserves of the body, you’re not really asleep, and probably because of losing weight. But then you start quite actively gain weight. It is important to choose the right food,” notes Sudzilovskaya.

Also, the actress advises not to forget about physical activity: “All perfect charging thirty squats in the morning, possibly swimming and, after some time, the reflection in the mirror will begin to like”.

According to Sudzilovskaia to sweet she cares, but tries to limit myself: “I probably would be the happiest person if I could so sit down and just eat the whole cake. Directly see in front of this picture. Somehow presented the cake with butter rosettes from our childhood, remember? Perhaps if it was a luxurious “cake”, I could handle. Honestly speaking, such experiments have not yet done. But lazy I allow myself. But not for long, ten minutes. And then I think: “Here I lie, and there without me life goes on”… Jump, grab the phone, the script — and in the car.”

The full interview Olesya Sudzilovskaia read in the November issue of the journal “Atmosphere”.