Oleg Gazmanov showed male friendship

The singer has released a new video that breaks the mould

Oleg Gazmanov has written a new song and shot a video for it, yesterday it was presented to the public in the capital karaoke-club “Chanson”. This is something new, not similar to what Oleg did before. The music combines the styles of reggae and Latino, were added to the philosophical text and video story about real friendship, invented by the wife of singer Maria.

In the clip Oleg shows that there are no hopeless situations. Friends and love can give a second chance to life, to salvation. Real men have to overcome. So Gazmanov gives the installation: “Tomorrow today will be yesterday.”

“Not tasted of adversity, trying to find happiness,” — so sings Oleg Gazmanov. He believes that you failed in life difficulties and setbacks, to understand that you’re happy, it’s impossible.

The clip was directed by Sergei grey, the actors in it are the actors Zoya Berber, star of TV series “Real boys”, and Matthew Zubelevich starring in “Junior”, “Physics or chemistry” and “boarding school”. He has worked with Oleg in the video “Nobody but us”.