Oleg Gazmanov said verses on the decision of Lithuania to ban him from entering the country

The ban on entry into the country Oleg Gazmanov has arrived to give several concerts, thus please their foreign fans, it didn’t disappoint, and has inspired the writing of the poem.

On his page in Instagram singer of the hit “Clear days” published a verse which expressed their emotions about the impossibility to visit Lithuania.

Hello, Kaunas, I returned
From the swamps of sorrow and sadness,
I went back to have Laisves alley
Turned to face destiny.
This evening the streets of sleepy
I will wander again homeless,
And to watch them flying in the dark sky
A flock of clouds above the devils Museum.
Hello, Kaunas, walking along the streets,
Like a many-coloured book leaf.
Imagine how it ?iurlionis
Draw your music dreams.
I’m laughing, and flying, tumbling,
The echo of laughter Bouncing from the walls,
In the alleys deserted and echoing
Hear the sound of his shoes.
In the light breath of the Baltic wind
Barely swaying spruce.
I can’t sleep in a hot bed,
Night not stand alone.
In the moonlight, swirling and sparkling,
Will carry us leaves gold
Where the town hall spires shimmer
I tight hug.
This city on a similar tale,
In my songs weaves too
Together with the Neman along the course
Continues the rotation of planets.
Under the humming strings of the prospectus
I sing and, suddenly flying up,
See Kaunas, wishing with all my heart,
To stand the city of a thousand years.
Here Lithuania who loves me and my songs. Lithuania, which I loved and still love!


Source: hellomagazine.com
Photo: hellomagazine.com

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