Oleg Gazmanov detained at the airport in Lithuania

Russian singer Oleg Gazmanov was not able to enter the territory of Lithuania, even with a Schengen visa, opening entry to all Schengen countries, which includes this country.

As reported by the local online edition Delfi, on arrival at Vilnius airport Oleg learned that it can not leave its territory – the customs officers simply do not produce.
“I’m in Lithuania at the Vilnius airport. Despite my Schengen visa in the Schengen area according to EU rules no boundaries, I was not allowed to leave the airport” — said Gazmanov on his page in the social network.
Despite such a blatant unfriendliness of the Latvian authorities, Gazmanov felt that the population still sympathizes with and like him.
“I still like the people of Lithuania and it is extremely disgusting government, which under the slogan of protection of the population from the harmful effects of Russian culture tries to divide us” — said the singer.
Recall that in the “black list” Gazmanov came in 2014, together with Valeria and Iosif Kobzon for that openly supported the annexation of the Crimean Peninsula belonging to Ukraine. Valeria then are unable to attend the “New Wave”, a permanent member of the jury which was since the Foundation of the musical contest.

Source: https://news.rambler.ru
Photo: http://www.starslife.ru

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