Old New year 2018: celebrated in the night from 13 to 14 January

It is not far off the next holiday, which was eagerly awaited, not only children but also adults. Seeing the Old New year is an important part of our life, and many traditionally celebrate the event.

In 2018 the date for the celebration of the Old New year falls on January 14. More precisely, on the night of 13 to 14 number. A unique holiday, which began to celebrate not so long ago, tightly joined in a series of red dates and became the master of the among the leaves of the calendar. Its history began in 1918, when he was made the transition from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar.

The celebration of Old New year 2018

This event can be considered a second attempt to start the year with a clean slate. The mistakes you could prevent from 1 January, it is possible to correct, identify yourself new goals and to begin to implement the commitments.

To celebrate need, to mistress, Yellow earth Dog does not remain indifferent to you. To appease a new patron, luck to come into your life. For this you need to prepare for the celebration:

prepare a festive meal;
consider which gift you can give to loved ones;
purchase a new outfit;
decorate the house and tree a few new toys;
place your order to face the guests.

Do not forget about the holiday traditions. Orthodox Church on the 14th celebrates the day of St. Basil, so you will be able to attend the service and pray to the Higher powers about the welfare and fortune in the new cases. In folk traditions Vasiliev day had a special meaning. To gather a rich harvest in the coming year, the younger generation scattered around the house seeds of oats, wheat and other crops. Mistress carefully swept away the grain and kept it until the beginning of sowing.

Old New year to cook crumbly porridge. If it will turn out delicious, then the coming year will be for families rich and prosperous.

On the eve of the girls can tell fortunes on her spouse. Old New year just falls on Christmas week, and according to legends, at this time are the most accurate predictions.

The celebration of the wires of the Old year should be bright and memorable event. Swipe it in a circle dear to people. And as unusual food cook traditional dumplings with surprises. But don’t forget to warn guests about this, so they don’t hurt themselves.

In the night from 13 to 14 January Old New year finally dismisses 2017 with his patron, Red Rooster, and on change to it there is a Yellow Dog. Make friends with her, so every day your life became better. Note on family and relations within it. Strengthen your connection to your house is always dominated by love and harmony.