Oksana Strunkina spoke about his divorce

So, fans still remember Oksana and her attempts to build relationships in the Perimeter, which then, unfortunately, so useless and failed. Quite different was her fate outside the gates project, where she not only managed to get married, but give birth to a child, the website life-dom2.su.

However, a happy family life ex-member of telestroke did not last long. As we learned from the review of the Oksana in social networks three years later her marriage fell apart. And now she is forced to move with his son in Zelenogradsk, where the boy will go to kindergarten and she will get a job.

“I Strunkina had not liked it, but then she found her position, if divorced, then there is a good reason, it’s time to go!” – wrote one of the spectators “House 2”.