Oksana Samoilov admitted that he had made “plastic” – 24???

Oksana Samoilov, the wife of the Russian rapper Dzhigan, told the press that he applied to plastic surgeons. According to the girl, the plastic is “not very good”, but it is necessary, according to Bimru.

Oksana claims she was forced to turn to plastic surgeons, because her body was badly damaged after delivery. As we know, Oksana is a large mother – she has three daughters.

According to Samoilova, the desire of women to beauty ideals it is a natural desire because every normal girl wants to get better. The woman added that there are very difficult situation when some external training data does not improve.

Oksana Samoilova and dzhigan | Cosmopolitan “My Breasts are already a billion times better than all the stretched and saggy after childbirth,” — says Oksana.

Note that the rumors about plastic surgery Oksana appeared in the media when she gave birth to a daughter in April 2017.