Office LEGO style

About six years ago staff at the Danish design firm Bosch & Fjord have designed and implemented a unit office of the most famous in all the world of the Lego Group. This company is one of the largest manufacturers of toys for children. In the design office take into account specificities of the company. Close attention was paid to the reflection of corporate priorities: creativity, inspiration, team spirit and continuous self-improvement.

The task of the designers included in the unit office, which would be simultaneously creative, dynamic, creative, comfortable and beautiful. The space was divided into zones: reception, cafe, meeting rooms, recreation area.
Once a visitor crosses the threshold of his office, he immediately dipped into a seething of ideas and enthusiasm office life of LEGO. His attention was immediately attracted by a giant sized table, having an organic form. This table consolidates the reception Desk and a café. The entire room is permeated with lightness, ease, and friendliness makes you want to sit at a cozy table with a Cup of delicious coffee. Thanks http://www.italco.ru/ ordering coffee at the office is no longer a problem for small and medium enterprises now do not need to buy the machine, but you can just get it for the guaranteed volume of orders. The cafe has three zones:

  • the dining area is a long black rectangular table and bookcase;
  • in the cafe has four cozy white table. The tables are round. On the ceiling hanging lamps, the Windows are openwork coating, which casts weird shadows on whatever is in the room;
  • in the lounge area with long sofas-benches are painted red and white tables. The Wallpaper is decorated with abstract drawings.

All thirteen areas designated for negotiation, as well as design workshops, made on individual projects. Rooms are available for meetings, negotiations, business meetings.
In the design of the office is dominated by bright colors: pale green, bright red, deep blue, yellow, orange. Due to the presence of white color they do not cause irritation. Among the furniture is dominated by white and black color laminate flooring light in color.

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