Offended by a fan Kirkorov was chasing him in Miami and demanded an apology (VIDEO)

Philip landed in a scandal. The offended admirer has posted online a video in which she stated that she wants to sue the singer for harassment.

Philip Kirkorov multi-million army of fans around the world, so even in Miami he couldn’t hide from the scrutiny of fans. In the States one of the fans chased the king of Russian pop, and then posted the video in the Network.

According to the woman, she wanted to take an autograph from the singer, but he sent her three letters.

She then began to record it on the phone and demand a public apology.

Cheeky! Will excuse me, the king of pop, for your harsh words! The king of pop, who gives you the right? If you live in Russia, you can be rude to people? Unscrupulous man, who gives you the right to call me a Russian prostitute? What am I, a prostitute?

In an interview with Ren.TV Philip commented on the scandalous video.

Well, bugging me daily so many people on the street… I’m on vacation there. Stuck. Something wants. I already very difficult for anything to bother. I’m already used to everything.

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Photo: from open sources in the Network