Obama awarded Kylie Jenner medal for “world peace”

Younger sister Kim Kardashian Kylie Jenner receives an award from the President Barack Obama sounds extremely implausible, I agree. As if you didn’t believe in this news, photos illustrating this a few days already walking on the web.

The picture shows Kylie, who stands with his back to Obama and waiting until he will wear it around her neck “Medal of Freedom” award, which is awarded for contributions to “the safety and protection of U.S. national interests in maintaining peace in the world, but also in the social and cultural life of the United States and the world.”

Sounds even more strange and more and more it seems silly that…it is! of course, the contribution of the younger Jenner to the maintenance of world peace is still too small to get for it thanks.

Photos, about which we speak, was done in the photo editor unknown. That’s just who needed so much to misinform the public, remains a mystery.

By the way, Twitter users reacted very negatively to the fact that Kylie gets a “Medal of Freedom” and did not hesitate in expressions, commenting that: “the United States has gone mad, what the hell Kylie receives “Medal of Freedom”.

Note that the “Medal of Freedom” really was recently awarded to several figures of the entertainment industry. It was awarded to Ellen DeGeneres, Barbara Streyzend, Dinah Ross, Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, Robert De Niro, bill gates and other celebrities.

Source: style.news.am
Photo: style.news.am

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