Numerology of birth: identifying the most important years in your life

Numerology the science of numbers and their energy. Every person realizes that his date of birth is of great importance for his destiny. It not only reflects the karmic peculiarities of fate, but also allows you to know the future.

The most important years of life does not always have to be the most positive and favorable. They may have different aim and task, but, ultimately, important dates do have a lot of weight. In these years there is something necessary for life balance. Energy is updated or rebuilt, helping to make a significant step forward or to the side.

How to calculate important years of your life

Numerology — the simple science for those who prefer to enjoy its benefits. To make the calculations, you will need your date of birth. For example, you were born on 11.09.1986. The donor is 1986. you need to take the last digit of your birth year, add to it the month and day numbers. Get 6+1+1+0+9=17. By 1986 added 17, get 2003. This is the first important year in your life. Then repeat the operation: 3+1+1+0+9=14. 14+2003=2017. And so on.

If the addition of date and month, the number of turns is less than 6, i.e. 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5, you will need to add to the year of birth is always the same number equal to the sum of the digits of month, day and last digit of the year. Roughly speaking, you think once and add each time the same number. For example, you were born 12.01.1999. 1+2+0+1=4. This means that your personal destiny number is 4+last digit of year, i.e., 9. 4+9=13. Important years for you will be repeated every 13 years. 1999+13+13+13 and so on: 2012, 2025, 2038 years.

Especially important year

Many are asking an understandable question about what awaits them in these years of life. What to do if now is the year, which is momentous for you?

First, it is not necessary to change their principles. If need be, fate itself you do it will indicate some pleasant or unpleasant event. In any case, no need to run ahead of the engine.

Second, you must follow the signs of destiny, which will chase you everywhere. Be careful – they will warn you about the change for the better.

Thirdly, you should learn to be diplomatic. Unnecessary squabbles and conflicts is no need in these times. – Don’t blame fate, if you will not see the changes. They are, but they are not always visible.

Every moment of life, every moment is a miracle. Learn to appreciate all the little things, be they good or bad. To become stronger, you need to go through all that awaits us the fate and karma. To change destiny, but it is only those who trust themselves and their feelings.