Numerology of birth: examine and correct their flaws

Numerology is an ancient science which is the study of numbers. The date of our birth can tell a lot about the hidden flaws, the fate, our future and past.

The problems and disadvantages present in all of us, but not all of them we know. As they say, his eye not notice the log. It’s hard to learn to see yourself from the outside. Even harder to force myself to correct their shortcomings. To start, of course, should be thoughts, because law of attraction States that thoughts shape the reality around us.

Numerological calculation

First, you need to calculate your personal number. It will be in the range from 1 to 9. To do this, simply add up all the digits of your birth date. For example, you were born 16.07.1980 — 1+6+0+7+1+9+8+0=32. Again we add the digits until you get a personal number from 1 to 9. 3+2=5. Five is the number of fate for you.

There are unique cases where, for example, a person born 11.11 (November 11). Four units means that your number will not work. Description of your weaknesses different than other people. It will be written below.

If your date of birth 01.01, 02.02, 03.03 and so on up to 09.09, to a personal number you will need to add another 1, 2, 3…9. For example, you were born 06.06.2001 — 0+6+0+6+2+0+0+1=15. 15 to add another 6 because 06.06. 15+6=21. 2+1=3. Your number is 3.

Decoding your number

11.11 — If you were born on November 11, the weaknesses you have may change throughout life. You need to learn to be more flexible. Life constantly tests you for durability, so you just have to be strong. If you succeed, you will gain incredible wisdom.

Unit. If you have a unit, then your lack of life is excessive modesty, or the constant doubt in myself. Even in the most favorable situations, you can doubt yourself. If you do not, all is well. If there is, then you need to rectify urgently. Otherwise, you risk constantly miss your luck seeing her on the horizon of life. A little more confidence like you never hurt.

Deuce. Deuce — the number of egoists and people who can’t do without the other. You often like to enjoy the kindness of others that will negatively affect you in the future. You risk to remain without support. Still you can have problems with their health because of negligence and careless attitude. Try to minimize the influence of bad habits. Watch yourself more carefully.

Three. This number is obtained from those who suffer from selfishness and laziness. Even in your faults — high self-esteem. She pushes away from you many people. Make your life more pleasant, to treat others with great respect, to work harder and not expect that someone will do something for you. You can be sharp, so be careful what you say.

Four. The number four is a sign that you are constantly nourish a false illusion. You too much hope, but do nothing to protect themselves from something. You may too pay much attention to various omens and signs of fate. Yes, they can be important but to build a life not need him, and according to your own needs.

Five. The number five indicates that your excessive craving for order. You lack creativity, freedom of thought. You are boxed into their own framework, so often you have too much time is spent on finding the right exit from a difficult situation. Once you are able to learn to think freely, to problems in any field will be resolved much faster.

Six. You need to take more responsibility for learning and obtaining new skills. New information is a source of strength for you. Your weakness and lack, bad memory, high fatigue. Look for motivation for myself constantly. Set your priorities right and follow the previously adopted rules. Also, do not give empty promises to loved ones. You like to speak first, and then think, but this needs to be corrected.

Seven. The number seven suggests that you often live in the spiritual world, but today’s reality is that spirituality must often give way to material values. Think more about what you would expect in the future, not lingering in the past. Analysis of his past actions may painfully affect your mood. Do only what you love most. Hated the work and the wrong people around will knock you off track.

Eight. You are constantly hitting the same wall. This is your main problem. You can’t learn from their mistakes. Learn how to avoid obstacles and to watch that didn’t let you go — no need to attack the same mountain several times. Sometimes the trick is more important than strength. You are the example of a person who is not able to use loopholes and assess the situation from all angles. Learn this, then your life will seriously change.

Nine. Nine is a symbol that you always perceive everything not quite as it should. You yourself are distorting the facts, looking at the world through rose-colored glasses. It is necessary to eliminate a as soon as possible. You can very easily fall for the deception, but just to take and not to trust anybody it is impossible — you need to learn how to recognize liars and hypocrites, which in your environment a lot, but not most, not one hundred percent.

Every person should know about their shortcomings. Everyone has one, but not all of them are on the surface. You may have to dig a little deeper to get to the truth. To change your life for the better you will only work on yourself.