Nude back, Irina Shayk did not like her fans

Fashion photo shoot for the gloss, with the assistance of the best photographers, makeup artists, stylists, do not always live up to expectations.

This confusion occurred with Russian supermodel Irina Shayk and her shoot for men’s GQ.

On his page on Instagram, the model published a couple of photos of a new jester, which unfortunately for Irina, her followers did not like.

Members noted that the picture Shake does not look sophisticated, but rather rude and even courageously.

In particular, fans noticed the picture of Irina deployed with his back to us.

“Because it is short-legged! Not thoroughbred!”, “Some masculine images!”, “STERILISE”, “Fu”, “the Real nightmare!!!”, “Oh, God! How terrible”, “stop eating the feed ,and soon from man it is not possible to distinguish” – was only part of the negative reviews of Internet users.

She Shayk chose the word followers not to comment.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: dni.ru

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