Novonikita icon of the Mother of God

Mother of God known to everyone. However, some of them have miraculous properties, and the ability to heal mental and physical wounds. One of the oldest shrines is Novonikita the icon of the virgin.

History icons interesting, but due to various circumstances, many data are not available to contemporaries. The tradition of the icon “Novotroitskaya” has reached our days, and her story is proof of divine power, which is protection for every living person.

History of the icon

According to the legends that have survived to our times, the Holy great Martyr Nikita, being a pagan in a dream he saw the Christ child with a cross in his hands. After waking up on his chest, he found the icon, which depicted the virgin with sitting on her lap the child Jesus. This event prompted Nikita Goths to adopt the Christian religion. Event dated to the fourth century, from where originates Novonikita icon of the Mother of God.

Soon began the persecution of Christians and the Orthodox faith, and Nikita among the righteous captured, and then was put to execution. His followers decided to bury the remains of his master, but out of the ashes discovered an intact body of Nikita with the icon on his chest. The miraculous image and the subsequent lists with him proved the power of the Orthodox faith, protecting Christians from hardship and misery.

Where is the icon of the Mother of God “Novonikolskoe”

One of the first lists made of this icon, stored in Moscow, in the Cathedral of the merciful Savior. Also Novonikolskoe icon you can worship in Istanbul, where the relics of great Martyr Nikita.

Description of the icon

In the icon we see the depiction of the mother of God, in the hands which is the child Jesus. He is holding a cross, symbol of the Orthodox faith, which blesses every believer in Divine Providence. The icon has an extraordinary magnetism, despite the muted colors.

What helps the image

Prayers to the image of our lady “Novonikolskoe”, help in healing mental and physical diseases. Refer to it to strengthen the faith in the Lord, in various circumstances, including before a difficult choice, hoping to atone for the sins and impious acts. Praying the icon, and on long journeys, or risks.

The celebration of the

The day of celebration of the icon “Novonikolskoe” is done along with the worship of the great Martyr Nikita. New style worship held on the 28th of September, when anyone can go to the morning service, and to pray to a Higher power. Old style celebration was celebrated on September 15.

Prayer before the icon of the mother of God

“Holy lady, accept my sincere prayer, repentance and humility. Deliver, Lady lady, from bodily afflictions, help to preserve the Orthodox faith not to turn away from the path of truth. Give, lady, to live a life righteous in God’s Providence filled. May you protect everyone living on the Earth from diseases bodily, Yes peace. Bless us, Mother, to righteous deeds and forbid the demons to poison my soul. Amen.”

Any of the icons depicting the mother of God can restore man to the path of Orthodoxy and to heal it from the negative. Prayer said during the days of veneration of shrines, will be heard by the Higher powers. We wish you love and prosperity.