Not like a king: Meghan Markle can’t stop biting his nails and swearing

Everyone has their flaws, even the bride of the Prince. Meghan Markle is not shy to talk about their bad habits in public. At least last year in New year’s eve, the actress has published a post on this subject, which found the media.

For three years, Meghan Markle led a lifestyle blog on the platform of The Tig, which was a success among readers. However, after meeting with Prince Harry, the actress was forced to close it. However, this did not prevent journalists to find it archived publications.

Before the New 2017 Meg admitted that promises to finally get rid of bad habits. According to the stars “Force majeure”, during stressful situations she bites her nails, and when the drink starts to swear.

Perhaps now Megan sorry about posting this, but it is worth noting that numerous army of fans of the actress always loved her for her sincerity. We will remind, before closing blog Markle left a touching message to readers.

All my friends Tig! After almost three wonderful years with you it’s time to say goodbye to The Tig. What began as a project for the soul, my little engine, turned into an amazing community of inspiration, support and fun. You made my days brighter and filled this experience such joy. Continue to find these moments in life, to laugh, to take risks and to make the world a better place. First of all, never forget about values. Thank you for everything.

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Photo source: Daily Express