Not for the faint of heart: named best short film of horror (18+) VIDEO

Many people underestimate short films, claiming that it will never be able to fully reveal the essence of a particular subject, engage the viewer in the storyline, and most importantly — to convey a cautionary thought. This is debatable, because very often in 15 seconds Directors of the genre can Express what is sometimes difficult to fit in a full hour and a half film.

So, Internet users chose the best short film from the realm of horror. It appeared to be a 15-second video, with the participation of children under the name “Emma”.

Hard to believe, but the film really meets the requirements of horror (extreme fear) and the cast of actors. “Emma” was the winner of the 15 Second Horror Film Challenge. In this competition of short horror films the main condition was the brutality of the scenes.

The author of this movie — Daniel Limmer. He managed to scare the audience and jury in a matter of seconds with two girls and mirrors. The plot unfolds in such a way that at first all is calm and a little on edge. In the end the horror begins…

Three words — the story of a murder. The jury was struck by the fact that the statement is made in compliance with all laws of drama.

If you are not a child and not an impressionable man — rate the creation.