Northern lights over Moscow in the night from 9 to 10 September 2017

Usually, the Northern lights can be observed only residents in polar areas, however, in light of recent events scientists believe that the beauty of this phenomenon can be enjoyed in the mid-latitudes.

September 6 was a powerful solar flare, which was not more than 10 years. In view of the fact that all the Northern lights occur in such periods of solar activity, it can be expected that Moscow residents will be able to see the beautiful transfusions greenish color in the sky at night September 10.

How to see the Northern lights

Of course, it is best to come and visit, not such a strong concentration of excess substances in the air. Outside the city there is no smog, but that’s not all, because the sky should be clear. Let’s hope that the clouds will not.

Even with ideal conditions, chances of frustration, however, even NASA scientists said that in mid-latitudes, people need to enjoy the beauty of the lights.

Northern lights in other regions

In St. Petersburg the likelihood that the lights will be higher, because the city is located North of Moscow. Most clearly it is in the European part of the country and in Europe directly.

Recent scientists say that the chances to see this natural phenomenon is approximately 50 percent. It’s not so little, given that it is in Moscow, it was already back in 2003.

If you live have never seen the Northern lights, you just need to do it. If everything happens as the scientists hope, then we will be able to observe the rare phenomenon that will go down in history. It will lift your spirits, no doubt.