Nino Katamadze told about their main men

Nino Katamadze told about their main men

The famous singer Nino Katamadze said in the program “Morning with Ukraine” on the channel “Ukraine” with the leading Sergei Zenin and Svetlana Katrenko, about how she spends time with the family.

Popular Georgian singer Nino Katamadze a long time could not find marital happiness and lived only music. But after a long-awaited meeting with her husband and the birth of his son Nino tries every waking moment to devote to your family.

The actress spoke exclusive to journalists of the program “Morning with Ukraine”, her Outlook has changed with the advent of the son Nicholas. Now after the concerts and meeting with fans, the star hurries home to his two main men — husband David and son Nicholas. Nino Katamadze admitted that she loves to cook and every time, returning home after a tour, wants to pamper their loved ones delicious meals.

“I am very tasty cooking. And at home I want to be other than on stage. Every time I dream of coming home and cooking something special for her beloved husband. He likes my cooking. My dream is to hug my son, my husband, and to tell them about his love for them,” says Nino.

Star summed up and noted that today her life consists of three pillars: husband, son, and scenes that make her happy.

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Source and photo: kanalukraina.tv