Nikolay Matrosov became a TV presenter to please mom

Nikolay Matrosov became a TV presenter to please mom

The leader of the program “Ranok z with Ukraine” Nikolay Matrosov never come to work with a bad mood. Even if he has to Wake up at 4.30 am!

Surprisingly, to become a leading morning show on the channel “Ukraine” Nikolay Matrosov decided to please his mother! “The thing is that my mom only watches the morning program, says the presenter. And so she knew and had no doubt that I am, I decided in the morning to show it to her live.

— Nikolay, how do you think what are the qualities of a presenter of the morning program?

— It should be dynamic, cheerful troublemaker, interspersed with intellectual and wholly “lark.”

— Are you by profession an art historian, graduated from the National Academy of fine art and architecture. How you “brought it” in the field of television?

— By the will of fate, even in the second year, I got into a vicious circle of radio and television, which can’t break to this day. (Smiles.) And television stations are often looking for new faces among radio host who at least already have correctly delivered a speech. And as a maximum — and some telegenic appearance. It only remains to complete all rounds of casting, and the path to the big screen is opened.

— Had problems, when did you start working in the project “Ranok z with Ukraine”?

— The hardest part was to get up at 4.30. After the broadcast I sometimes forgot to go to bed in the evening. Sometimes, acted on the machine due to lack of sleep. But there are pros — after the morning air has time to pay attention to yourself, to your friends, to get to work.

— How to cope with a bad mood, when you need the morning to be happy and cheerful?

— The person I am by nature optimistic and I try not to dwell on problems. Therefore, the beginning of each new day is like new beginning. With a clean slate. And all the negative, if it is, try not to drag and leave it in the past tense.

— I like to spend free morning broadcasts time?

At leisure I try to spend actively, regardless of the time of year and weather. I love to travel. As soon as you get the opportunity, go somewhere else for new experiences. This year has already visited 10 countries, visited the ice hockey world championship and the European championship in football, was at the concert Zemfira Tallinn.

— Where else planning to go?

— We have a very beautiful and picturesque country, which raises interest and admiration. And most importantly — you can choose a vacation for every taste. Sea, mountains, dense forests, ancient castles and churches. This year, if all goes well, I want to pass along the Dniester river, from North to South and visit several unique destinations in the region.

— What kind of sports do you do?

— Several times a week, play football, sometimes I train with the football team of pop stars and movie Maestro. In the summer, if possible, play tennis. To find a partner to play a set in tennis is not so easy, so I don’t play as often as I would like. To assemble a team to play football a lot easier.


Source and photo: kanalukraina.tv