Nikolay Baskov has unveiled the site for your wedding

While everyone talks about the PR wedding of Nikolai Baskov and Victoria and lopyrevoy, a pair of seriously preparing for it. Recently, the singer said, where going to register the relationship with the beloved.

This will take place the solemn event in Moscow, in one of the palaces of marriage. But the parties expected two – in Moscow and in Grozny. However, when this now happens, is unclear, since the wedding is being postponed due to mourning date – the wedding was to be held on October 5, 2017, but on this day, Nicholas many years ago my granddad died.

It is strange that mournful event that happened many years ago, I remember it now, and even before the wedding. But mom Baskov said that can not at one and the same day and remember the father and son to give a new family.