Nikolay Baskov and Victoria Lopyreva went on a hunger strike – 24???

Singer Nikolay Baskov and his beloved Victoria Lopyreva took a walk through the historic center of the capital of Azerbaijan. On October 15 in Baku Nikolay Baskov celebrated his birthday, informs “StarHit”.

Back in Moscow, Nicholas and Victoria made a statement that it decided a couple of days “to sit on a severe diet.” Nicholas himself told members of the press that during the visit with the sweetheart he ate too much junk food.

According to singer, the national dish of Azerbaijan he will remember for a lifetime.

Victoria Lopyreva and Nikolay Baskov | Bimru “Tasted delicious lamb on the bone, and Vic liked the fish on the grill” – said the Basque.

Note that in Baku Nikolay has promised to “throw” his beloved from the Maiden tower.