Nikolai Baskov shot a video with Lopyreva in their future home – 24???

Singer Nikolai Baskov took part, along with his TV presenter Victoria Lopyreva in the clip. A video called “Your eyes Marengo” appeared online, reports Woman’s Day.

In the story of the Basque plays a writer who seeks his Muse. The hero is Nicholas looking for inspiration and thinking about feelings. The role of the Muse went to TV presenter Victoria Lopyreva.

The shooting took place in the house of the future spouses. The Director of the new video made by Sergey Tkachenko.

Fans of the singer praised the video artist. Many have stated that this is one of the best music videos for the song the Russian artist.

Victoria Lopyreva and Nikolay Baskov | AllWomen

As you know, previously, the artist said he intends to pause in the creative activities.