Nikita Presnyakov: “I am ready to go with Alice’s whole life.”

The couple said “StarHit” about how to divide family responsibilities. On Thursday, Nikita Presnyakov and Alain Krasnov legalized relationships in one of capital registry offices. They exchanged vows in the presence of family and friends.

This day will forever remain in their personal love story – July 27 in the presence of 200 guests singer Nikita Presnyakov and his girlfriend, a student of Alain Krasnov, exchanged vows and became husband and wife. This is an important event they trusted to cover “StarHit”. And on the eve of the wedding said, who in their main romantic couple, why they separated for six months and when I have children. Wedding Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova. Exclusive. PHOTO. Video

“Cool, you’re here!” [/b]

— Nikita, Alyona, do you remember your first meeting? What attracted you to each other? Of course! That was three years ago, in the spring, in the village, at a local shop. I at that time was a period when we tough rock-n-rollini, often hanging out with great company, nights sitting around the campfire in the woods, he played the guitar. And in the morning with a friend bought groceries, and suddenly flies up on the quadric Alena with a friend. We wonder, friend says: “Oh, those girls, new! Who is it?” He met and invited them in the evening with us – and were sure not coming. But they arrived, we had a great time together by the fire, with muzykoi. I remember very shy then – new guys. But since my older sister was previously in this company, I knew everything – but it does to Alain, and as a relative Yana Krasnova. So a few minutes later, took, happy.
— I can say that it’s love at first sight?
It’s a fairy tale Disney, life rarely happens. Alena is very beautiful, I remember now, as it all glowed, standing next to a fire, flare played on his face… And was, incidentally, dressed to rock – the way I like: sneakers “converse” leather jacket. I walked over, hugged her, and said, “Cool, you came!” And then somehow don’t even have to focus only glancing occasionally in her direction. Then we played “truth or dare” – sat in a circle with boys and girls. The rules are simple: each card represents an action, for example, “rhyme”, and everyone starts in a circle to do it. And Jack is “think of a rule in the game.” And my friend pulled it and put forth: when someone drinks, you have to kiss a neighbor on the left. I sat between two girls, and left just was Alenka. Then something flashed.
It was the first kiss?
Even within the game, lilovyi, but Yes. Further events developed themselves. Once we were in the company in the country, Alenka hurt his finger, drew blood. We went with her to look for a band-aid. And it took so long to find him that close during this time.
— When did you realize that your relationship is serious and this is more than just a friendship? As such, the friendship we had never been – we started to like each other almost immediately. Three weeks after the first meeting I met with the parents of Alena. I had a birthday, and I wish it were also present. Had to otbrosit girl. She’s the most atmospheric mom and dad, nice and positive. We immediately found a common language. They were convinced that I was a normal, adequate man, who can be trusted with the daughter. Took Alenka, after the holiday has brought her back. Nothing serious we never had a year even a half. I came to beloved when she and her parents were vacationing in Bulgaria, we all together had a great time.
— What traits do you appreciate in each other? Respect, toughness, ability to win, charisma, inner rod, kindness…Alenkin chumovoy humor, her originality in this regard. And generally, how suited to every situation. It is so not stupid! Joke. I remembered the jokes about blondes. Her thoughts flood me sometimes shocking. — Do you romance – celebrate the anniversary? Periodically. Valentine’s day, the first day of the meeting. Go to a cafe, watch TV shows together, play “Tekken”, sometimes throwing each other surprises, if you have time to prepare well. Flowers, of course, give Alena loves peonies.In our relationship rather Nikita more romantic. He likes to invent all sorts of minimisethe. We, however, always forget about the anniversary meeting – 5 may, she celebrated after the fact. On July 27, the date of the wedding, of course, will be pamyatnoe, each year, we will celebrate. It’s a marriage, really. — Jealous of each other or is it? Of course, sometimes, you want to check, to get, to know. Alenka, for example, went to visit my mom, and I sit at home and start to wind yourself up, to build all sorts of assumptions. Such an idiot sometimes!I literally, in the neighboring district – and then a few hours. We have a trust relationship: when Nikita is leaving on tour, we are constantly in touch – skaipu, Watsu. There are no. Besides, mom can always come with me, and I to his parents too.
— At home you have responsibilities to each other? Cleaning divide – it depends who on what is ready. Depends on my mood. Cookware is always on me. Oh and technique too. Well, actually, me and Nikita just utensils! I would cope with it, but beloved, I think, prefer to lay the dishwasher. I cleaned the apartment when I got a girlfriend, can take you out of the General, and to scrub all 6 hours in a row until morning. Nikita a creative person, it works, so don’t download it.
— Nikita, do you care if the girl knew how to cook? Since met Alenka, I realized that Yes. I didn’t even ask, but she began to create such masterpieces that even friends in shock. She does it all. Soups, salads, and desserts. But there is a signature dish – a burrito tortilla. I don’t eat meat, to me it makes it vegetarianskoe sosiski. Rarely in Moscow are sausage find, but when I go to the States – bring the stock. Don’t know the secret, but this dish – with omelets, sauces, cheese – the most magical I’ve ever tasted! Alena offered her cafe to open!My mother cooks, the older sister too. Over the lifetime of the parents, of course, learned. For Nikita especially gained experience except with vegan and vegetarian options. Alena is also now not eating meat, by the way. With time stopped, thought about all the philosophies. The little disagreements we have about the music. She’s a music lover. But can not fully understand tyajelyi type metal alternative metalcore where vocals are zealous, on the Creek. For it is a mess. And I don’t take Russian rap that periodically listens to Alena.I like rock, rap, and pop, and all sorts of genres. Nikita can put a song by the rock group, and she will be lyubimoy. I also can something to him to turn – he then wonders admits that as many goosebumps.
— Probably, like all young people, you also swear? Now, FIE-FIE, all quarrels do not happen. There are topics that we raise, discuss and come to some joint decision. The last time I was at the maximum level you feel in Ahlen the second part of me in terms of comfort, trust. I can easily share with nei deep thoughts, it makes me feel good. When I go home in a hurry, to get to see her. But kako time you even went… Yeah, broke up for six months. Alenka, apparently, was still malenkoi, did not understand until the end – whether UOM serious relationship. The step forward I did. She gordii Taco man, even if the soul wants something, the first never say. I called, we talked… And after that period we began a new stage nastoyashey love.

“We’re monogamous”

— And you, Nikita, realized that I wanted to marry? Approximately. I came to this a long time ago. Realized that I see no reason to be with someone else. The problem was that I didn’t know how to make an offer. I wanted to be original. The idea was, but I knew that it takes a lot of time, everything will be delayed. Decided to make a super flashmob, to negotiate with the restaurant to run to a bunch of trained people and put a musical. I have a friend working in the movie, the foreman of extras – ready to help. Among all the plant loved ones and in some point to put on a show to jump on the table, then to my friend who sits in the back, kept singing, and in the end the whole crowd stood and sang. It was almost Alenkin birthday, 20 years. Was invited to my friends, her parents. Perfect moment. I pierced idea three days before. We returned after a speech at the Peace, came up with the guys from my group arrangement, learned the song and did the same mini-musical.
Three years to meet, then marry… Is at that age where you are right now, a rarity!
We are both monogamous. Alena has good the philosophy and concepts of family, they have everything as it should be. It is in this regard is well socialized. — See yourself in 50 years, in the year gold and the wedding? Of course! I’m willing to live with Alenoj life! I never had a goal more girls to seduce. Many friends, friends – of both women and men have been 40-50 partners. My whole life can be counted on the fingers of one hand. I would never just make out with devochkoy no lack of strong feelings for nei, emotions. I see no reason not to be with Alice until the bitter old age! Over the disagreements, problems, you need to work. And live it is even more interesting.And in the year silver – 25 years – see us as valid human beings, with children, perhaps even grandchildren. Perhaps this life is not in Russia – we think about how to leave. But… I do not like to think.
— Honeymoon planning? Wanted to, but there is no time. Need to prepare for the show, which will premiere in the moon Theatre in September. Due to the impending wedding rehearsal was not enough – it is necessary in August to catch up. — And the children are talking? Of course. But Alain must first graduate from uni, I somehow find myself, to stand up with the group.I love children. I have a younger sister, nursed her. But my own is in no hurry – still too young! Want to travel, to walk. Nikita seichas career occupies an important place in life. Three years later we might think about it more seriously.