Nikita Presnyakov and Alain Krasnov first time publicly talking about children

Nikita Presnyakov and Alain Krasnov on July 27, became husband and wife. For the first time the couple gave a joint interview in which he mentioned the topic of children.

Wedding Nikita Presnyakov and Alena Krasnova number one in the list of popular topics to talk about. The happiest day of their lives already behind, so you can think about adding to the family. Russian journalists managed to ask newlyweds what their plans for the future and how soon they plan to become parents .

Know what you want in family life

A few years of relationship allowed Nikita and Alena to get to know each other very closely. Perhaps they discussed the addition to their family, but until the couple decided to stand up. Especially Nikita need some time to become a popular artist and to promote his band.

“Alena it is necessary first to graduate from the University, I — to find yourself, to stand up with the group,” says Nikita.

As the wife of Nikita, model Alena Krasnova, decided to add that in a couple or three years, it is likely to become a mother.

While children are not ready

“Having children is in no hurry — still too young! Want to travel, to walk. Nikita career now occupies an important place in life. Three years later we might think about it more seriously,” says the wife of Nikita.

The guys agreed that if you marry, you do not have to bear children. Let’s see how soon I will want the Russian pop Diva Alla Pugacheva to become a great-grandmother, and Christina Aguilera – grandmother.

A whole life together to live ready

However, a young and promising singer Nikita Presnyakov admitted that Alyona is ready to live his entire life. The guy said that problems need to be solved and to work on relationships.

Krasnov already is what they with Nikita will be in 25 years. With her words, they had to be fulfilled, and suggests that they may have even grandchildren. Alena admitted that they think about moving abroad.

Earlier we were told that at the wedding Presnyakov and Krasnova guests of the celebration making a potion.