Nikita Kuznetsov and Darina Markina appreciated my apartment

Moreover, the boys were already acquainted with two variants of decoration of the apartment, however, after some discussion, the young people decided to seek help from a designer. Moreover, considering that guys are a completely different approach to the design of housing, they just need the help of a specialist, the website life-dom2.su.

The only thing now agreed guys, so this is the style in which it will be kitchen and dining room. The pair plans to equip the room in the style lounge to after work to relax in the company of friends. But here, young people are inclined to different colours and still can not make a final decision

“Make mind, hands, project apartment and vascilitis which style you want, and doing nothing received, imposingly collapsed and his mouth opened. Direct the tale of the Golden fish was a drone, they will remain, as long as there are projects,” wrote the fans of “House 2”.