Nikita Dzhigurda said his new passion is associated with Steve jobs

Nikita Dzhigurda has become almost the main newsmaker last not only days, weeks.

We recently learned that the showman and his wife Marina Anisina athlete bred. The initiative about dissolution of marriage was from Anisina those. To hide the fact that she no longer wants to live with Dzhigurda Marina did not hide. But the fact that this news became public, was very hurt by the Nikita Borisovich.

However, for a long time to grieve about the breakup with the mother of his children out of the chair will not. It turned out that the entertainer there is already a replacement athlete, and will soon host their wedding.

The day before, Nikita Borisovich has told, who would become his new lady love.

As told by the artist, and his lover associated with Steve jobs, “the development of the program and so on”, says Nikita. She can afford not to work, but it works. “What scared Anisina – the occult rites, energy – Lilith takes. So I’m grateful to Marina that she eventually persuaded me to get a divorce,” said Dzhigurda.

By the way, meeting couples took place at a Kabbalah Congress: “I smell realized that it was my woman! She materialized for me as an energy miracle. Lilith is younger than Marina Anisina those years 8 – 10. This is significant for women and insignificant for me, because the main thing that Lilith mathematics education and mindset.”

The first step in the acquaintance did exactly Lily, says the artist, “I heard him telepathically”.

“This time I have what is called screwed. Lilith is a natural blonde, color hair pastels. The green-eyed man,” he described a new love Nikita.

For joyful stories about a new passion, at least lifted the veil of secrecy about what was the cause of their divorce with Anisina those “Children love me. But when dad comes, beloved mother-in-law just “shocks”. And to the atmosphere in the house grew tense, someone has to sacrifice themselves. And I agreed that we break up peacefully and will continue to make a living apart. I went from Anisina those, she left me. Six months begged to let her go. Now I don’t even have the opportunity to talk with her.”

Nikita Miller also noted that no trial concerning the carve-up of their property with the Marina are not to touch, because in the beginning it was decided that in case of divorce everything gets Anisina.

Source: dni.ru
Photo: Komsomolskaya Pravda

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