Nikita Dzhigurda lawyer Anisina those the Boxing ring for the showdown

Nikita Dzhigurda continues to clarify the relationship with the attorney representing his wife in court, Sergey Garinim. Before that men fought in words: Zhorin said about insanity Dzhigurda, his illegal stay on the territory of Russia, and Nikita assured the Internet community that Zhorin – con who drugged Marina Anisina some kind of drugs, which in his hands it became a servile arm, agreeing with everything he says.

Now the chair has taken a bold step and decided to move the showdown with Sergey from the civil field to the Boxing ring. The real! Nikita called Gorina to a duel where the weapon will be their fists.

“I called yet another lawyer Sergei Gorina to a duel in a Boxing ring. One-on-one, without protection, if he is still a man,” said Nikita.

Response from Gorina has not yet been received, but we can assume that he is unlikely to agree to wave his hands for the sake of protecting the honor and dignity of the ward.

By the way, the chair has published a screen shot of the documents which refutes the accusations of the lawyer Gorina to the fact that he is a gigolo: “21.06.13 N. Of the chair from his account in the savings Bank was transferred to Greece on account of M. Anisina 378 550 euros. Apartment in the elite village by the sea designed for the Marina. It was my gift to your beloved Woman on the sixth anniversary of our wedding. Now you can see that psevdoadvokat Sergei Zhorin is a liar and a scoundrel who spread in the media slander that Dzhigurda — Alphonse,” concluded Nikita Miller.

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