Nikita Dzhigurda had sex with godmother Ludmila Bratash to “revive it”

A few hours ago, a netizen Amanda Moris has published a video in which the infamous actor Nikita Dzhigurda is having sex with a woman, presumably his godmother Ludmila Bratash. Actor growls during sexual intercourse and call your partner “Lucy”. Who and why put this video on the Internet – tried to understand the journalists.

We will remind that Lyudmila Bratash died in February of this year. Then frustrated Dzhigurda said all that his godfather has left him and his wife a small fortune, was poisoned. And he suspects that her sister, Svetlana, who wonders about such strange wills Ludmila and her ex. How did you learn to journalists, businesswomen held in the apartment of Nikita a few days before his untimely death. Assume that the video was shot. Moreover, as noticed by many, the lady somehow didn’t answer, Nikita. I assume that she was unconscious.
By the way, that Nikita was taken godfather in the hospital with poisoning, and there she was, without recovering, died. The pathologist saw no signs of violent death, but the sister of the deceased’m sure Nikita poisoned her.
Journalists Life.Roux asked for comments just to Hold, and what is heard in response.
“Yes, in this video I. First, I did not rape Lucy, and revived. Secondly, if I raped her, what the hell do I get it off? She was lying on his back and asked for sex, but I’m not going to take it, it’s ugly. I still have the video where the one doing me a Blowjob, I’ll post it in good quality. Need a woman to revive morally! I**** charges! Woman asks for affection and warmth, what am I supposed to refuse that?! I shot the video in court to prove your bed relationship with Lucy Bratash, well, will now have to shell out a Blowjob where she is with open eyes. I’m not hiding anything, Nikita knows for a long time,” categorically said Nikita.

Source: https://life.ru
Photo: http://www.kp.ru

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