Nikita Dzhigurda desperately fighting for inheritance

Scandalous Russian actor Nikita Dzhigurda continues to fight for multi-million dollar inheritance, which he and his children left dead godfather, Lyudmila Bratash. On his page in the social network in his characteristic manner, Nikita told about the course of the hearing. During the last hearing, the judge decided to make the examination provided by the artist and his wife Marina Anisina those documents, but last against such approaches and has already filed an appeal.

“An open letter to Nikita Dzhigurda on the appeal on behalf of Marina Anisina those in a higher court. Filed an appeal against the DECISION of Kuntsevsky Court on an EXAMINATION of the original copy of the will, (which, alas, at the time of the Court’s DECISION was not) – filed a COMPLAINT, the so-called Marina Anisina those “lawyer” working from the office of Sergey GORINA and do not have a law license – a certain Andrei Knyazev, who promised me in writing to agree with me – Nikita Dzhigurda – all your actions for the protection of the MARINA and not fulfilled its promises!
Because Andrei Knyazev introduced dear Kuntsevsky COURT into error, saying in Court that Marina Anisina those of V. there is another instance of the original WILLS Ludmila Bratash, who left all his possessions to the parents of his beloved godson – Angelo Krista (angel of Christ – translated from the French) and the pupil Eva-Vlada crystal -DZHIGURDA Nikita Borisovich and ANISINA, Marina Viacheslavovna in equal shares.

So. My categorical objections and explanations to the Court that all THREE takes of the ORIGINALS of the will was stolen by the so-called mafia who threatened me with murder if I did not renounce the INHERITANCE, the judge, the goddess KRASAVINA – for some reason threatened to remove the Chair from the MEETING hall.

As Andrei KNYAZEV, not having a law LICENSE and representing the interests of my, still (yet) his WIFE (because the decision of the regional Court has not entered into force, in connection with the APPEAL filed by me) – Andrei Knyazev, who’s a lawyer. Anisina those, according to Her attorney,
behind my back of cheating shameless Sergey Garinim, he created a kind of SCAM by typing their fantasies may it please the COURT ASTRAY.
On the basis of STATEMENTS of counsel by attorney Marina Anisina those, – the Kuntsevsky COURT in the person of judge — the goddess KRASAVINA adopted the unjust and impracticable the DECISION about the so-called EXAMINATION of what Dzhigurda
Nikita Borisovich and Marina Anisina those of the V. – NO more.
In the end, because of the unprofessional actions of Andrey Knyazev, now saying that he accidentally mixed up – type a mistake, thinking that Marina Anisina those in France, there is another instance of the original will, is the embodiment of the WILL of the TESTATOR, our congenial friend and GODMOTHER Lucy BRATASH – alas, postponed. And therefore can be postponed and the opening of the International Elite of the Spiritual Center “the Ark of JONATHAN”
in friendly RUSSIA the Orthodox Greece. It is this Spiritual CENTER we with the goddess ANIS should spend the lion’s share of the INHERITANCE Lyudmila Johnathanwny BRATASH, in order to perpetuate the name of this great RUSSIAN Jewish and the name of Her FATHER, a pilot by profession, gave his daughter the DREAM of free FLIGHT!
All my (still) WIFE has LEGITIMATE APOSTILLED in AMERICA and in FRANCE, the American NOTARY certified copy of the original will fit for the INHERITANCE in case of loss or theft of the ORIGINALS. Plus the testimony of many witnesses and the American NOTARY – Ludmila (Reshetova) Reingold, (which, in her confession, received threats from unknown persons) attesting the WILL is Ludmila Bratash in 2010 in the state of new York (where Bratash registered in 1996 the company elite air AL AIR).
The WILL was signed by Lyudmila Bratash witnesses alas, later killed under mysterious circumstances… these tragic facts, plus repeated threats of death to the address of Nikita Dzhigurda and his family – due to the completely illogical behavior of my beloved WIFE, for NINE years, not to say about the Chair not a single bad word, and now who took my power of ATTORNEY for the whole world to conduct all Its business AFFAIRS! Strange METAMORPHOSIS – isn’t it?!
Strange, if you do not know how much pain, torture, blackmail, threats and murders behind simple at first glance, the phrase: TESTAMENT Lyudmila Johnathanwny BRATASH!

We must embody the WILL of this unique business WOMAN who wanted to gather your true friends and spiritual elite of the world on a wide DECK “of the Ark of JONATHAN” – wide, as this Soul is not broken, despite the years of torture and blackmail, not sold his HONOR RUSSIAN JEWISH, showed the WORLD what can be done in Russia WOMAN, who believe in their uniqueness! Ludmila Canadanova BRATASH – real, not a fictional CHARACTER of the 20th and 21 th centuries – the HEROINE who is recognized by the powers that be, until the Royal and royals.
The HEROINE, tragically, but TRIUMPHANTLY and symbolically HONESTLY gone to another WORLD and leave a lasting MEMORY of Yourself and Your DREAM reflected in the luxury airlines, Al AIR, which is today on the INTERNET you will not even find mention in addition, poznatog Nikita Dzhigurda and Marina Anisina those the noise of the WORLD around mysterious murders and
the so-called DEATH of the unique RUSSIAN woman – angel
I will fulfill Her wishes!
I win all the COURTS!!
I open the CENTRE in Her name!!!
Eden angel LUCY in Greece will be opened in the near future. Otherwise I have no reason to remain on this Terrestrial BALL called EARTH.
Let LIGHT and LOVE and POWER restore the PLAN on Earth.
Secretly We Are All Gods!
S. W. A. A. G.

N. D.” the letter said Dzhigurda.
Recall that Marina Anisina and Nikita Dzhigurda officially divorced, but the artist does not wish to recognize this fact and still believes the skater his wife.
It is also noteworthy that the French police has no claim to the instrument for the bequest received from Lyudmila Bratash. According to Marina Anisina those, when she has to be in Paris, she stops at the apartment of the deceased Kuma. The relevant authorities have checked all the documents provided by the skater and they didn’t have any questions for him, and so the French side recognized pravonaslednikom Anisina and Dzhigurda.

Source: https://www.dni.ru
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