Nikita Dzhigurda commented on the shocking sex tape godmother of their children

Nikita Dzhigurda, for all its eccentricity, the identity is very ambiguous. People never know what to expect from the performer and what he’s capable of, whether for show, or in order to seek the truth.

So, not so long ago it became known that the chair was the only heir to the riches and multi-million dollar state of his godmother Ludmila Bratash, who died in February of this year.

The legality of the will Nikita remains to be proven, meanwhile, adds fuel to the fire a mysterious Internet user who published video of intimacy Dzhigurda and Bratash.

Eve the video appeared on the network, users had a question about whether a conscious state is Ludmila or action Nikita was of a violent nature.

On all charges Dzhigurda decided to answer personally.

“Yes, in this video I. First, I did not rape Lucy,and revived. Secondly, if I raped her, what the hell do I get it off? She was lying on his back and asked for sex, but I’m not going to take it, it’s ugly. I still have the video where the one doing me a Blowjob, I’ll post it in good quality. Need a woman to revive morally! I**** charges! Woman asks for affection and warmth, what am I supposed to refuse that?! I shot the video in court to prove your bed relationship with Lucy Bratash, well, will now have to shell out a Blowjob where she is with open eyes. I’m not hiding anything, Nikita knows for a long time”, — the story of Nikita journalists.

By the way, Marina Anisina, judging by what he says about her husband’s infidelity with a woman I did not know and was very surprised about that.

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