Nikita Dzhigurda believes divorce with Anisina those illegal. The appeal is already written.

On 29 November the court ruled that Jugard and Nikita Marina Anisina are no longer considered spouses. The decision was made to divorce on the basis of the previously submitted figure skater statements about wanting to divorce showman.

Immediately after the divorce Anisina gave an interview to the program “live”, where she admitted she was pleased with the outcome of the case, because more be called woman Dzhigurda she had neither the strength nor the desire.

All this time, Nikita was silent so the other day on his page in the social network, he published a photo of the documents which stated that more than Anisina those they are husband and wife.

In comments to the snapshots of a showman, stated that this decision does not accept and continues to believe Anisina his wife.

“With this decision, I strongly disagree, wrote Nikita in the document. – 29.11.2016 I was not present in open court due to illness (hypertensive crisis). At the preliminary hearing, I requested a three month delay for reconciliation of our family. Lawyer Anisina those dear M. V. court was misled by the degree of conflict in our family about my financial insolvency, mental health and sexual orientation, which I can prove by documents and witnesses.”

Guarda insists that reconciliation is still possible, because he asks to give him three months to dialogue with his wife. Nikita also contends that the appeal should be considered only in his presence. The other option is impossible.

By the way, all their troubles Dzhigurda blames his lawyer ex-wife of Sergey Gorina, which, in his opinion, Anisina drugged and forced to divorce him.

Source: instagram.com, dni.ru
Photo: instagram.com

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