“Nigerian Hollywood” was closed because of the protest of Muslims

The project of the so-called “Nigerian Hollywood” curled up, and started. The construction of cinderela in the Northern part of Nigeria has stopped due to protest by Muslim organisations. It was assumed that the cinematographic area, equipped with high technology, investors will spend more than ten million dollars.

This would help not only to develop the region, but also to attract investment. Moreover, it was planned to build not only the film studios, but also a leisure Park, stadium, hotels and a shopping centre. However, as it turned out, this was not liked by the Sheikh Usman Aballe Gadan Kanye, who became the main organizer of the protests.
According to opponents of the “Nigerian Hollywood”, strangers, attracted by Cinderella and a new set, can “corrupt local morals and destroy cultural values.”
“We do not need! We do not want!” said the protesters.
“The imams, the religious fanatics and their followers never protest against terrorists, but they are protesting at, where he could find work thousands of Nigerians” — the journalist said Jafar Jafar, alluding to Boko Haram, an armed Islamist group that has terrorized Northern Nigeria.
Now investors find another location for the project.

Source: http://variety.com
Photo: http://vesti.lv

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