Nicole Kidman met with foster daughter

Contrary to wandering in the Network, and the yellowish pages of the publications information, the Hollywood actress Nicole Kidman and her adopted daughter, Bella, whom they adopted with then husband Tom cruise, very close. Mother and daughter met for the first time after the marriage of Bella with IT-consultant, max Parker, and, according to eyewitnesses, were tears of joy and warm embrace.

“It was a very emotional moment for both of them, especially for Nicole. She immediately started to cry, and soon she and Bella wept, embracing, rejoicing in the meeting” — said an eyewitness.
Insiders tell that Nicole had approved the daughter’s choice. Earlier, Bella introduced her to max, then fiancé, and Kidman sees that it really is very good to her eldest daughter.
Recall that Nicole married Tom cruise in 1990, soon after they adopted Bella and her brother Connor (he is now 21). The couple divorced in 2001, and after the divorce the children remained with Tom. This gave rise to rumors that between Nicole and the kids ran a black cat. Allegedly, the children, like their father, a school of Scientology, didn’t want to chat with Nicole. Last year Bella got married, but neither Tom nor Nicole were not present at the ceremony – didn’t want his presence to distract guests from the main event. But, according to insiders, Nicole helped my daughter plan the wedding, and, as expected, paid all the bills.

Source: http://hollywoodlife.com
Photo: http://movie-advisor.net

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