Nicole Kidman may lose the mother

Australian actress Nicole Kidman, who two years ago had a difficult recovery after the death of his father, a University Professor, who died in the hotel room of a stroke and heart attack. Now the actress is again scared to death – death of her beloved mom.

That mother isn’t well, Nicole found out on the set, where she works on the film “Deceived”. Not wasting a minute, Kidman flew home to Australia, where she was waiting for sister Anthony. As it turned out, mom, Jannell came to visit the daughter and she became ill. She was immediately hospitalized. The doctors found that she had a heart attack, and the danger her life is still not over.
One of her friends, Nicole said that the artist reproaches himself that she wasn’t there when my mom became ill. The day of the funeral of the father she swore she would always be there, but not kept promise at a critical moment they were on the ocean.

Source: http://www.dailymail.co.uk
Photo: https://au.be.yahoo.com

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