Nicolas cage kiss with a stranger immediately after news of the divorce

Just a couple of hours after the announcement of the divorce with his wife Alice Kim, Nicolas cage was spotted with a mysterious stranger. The girl at the moment nothing is known, except that she loves to dress up in kimono. Surely you think that there is nothing unusual in the fact that the actor dined in the company of girls, no, but interest in this situation is that at the end of the evening, at the exit of the restaurant, a 52-year-old cage relish kissed a stranger.

I will assume that a couple of outputs and Nicholas again can be considered a busy man.

We will remind, last week it became known that after 12 years of marriage, cage decided to part with his wife Alice Kim. It happened after Hollywood Oscar winner found out about the betrayal of his wife.

“Nick was blinded by grief when he learned that Alice cheated on him. And during Cannes film festival, he received confirmation of this,” the insider said, without specifying what kind of confirmation was received by the cage.

“The reality is that Alice is seen in Nevada with another man, they were even caught kissing. She cheated on Nicholas, and it was obvious,” added another source.

Source: aceshowbiz.com
Photo: aceshowbiz.com

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