Nicolas cage and his wife divorce

After eleven years of marriage, Hollywood actor Nicolas cage has decided to divorce his wife Alice Kim. This was reported by the Western media, citing the words of a close friend of the actor.

It turns out that in January of this year, Nicholas moved to a rented house, and since then, the couple divides their belongings and custody of my ten year old son.
Nicholas and Kim met in 2004. Nineteen-year-old girl was working as a waitress. Two months later they became engaged and were married at a private ranch in Northern California. I must say that their relationship, few people approved of. In particular, was not in awe of him and the parents of Kim herself, it seemed that Nicholas was too old for their daughter.
Himself as 52-year-old cage recently said in an interview with the Gardian.

“There are times when only depends on you how your life will be connected point. And we did it because they loved each other. I took a very clear decision to marry a person of another culture and it’s very interesting,” he told Nicolas about my wife Korean.

The twenty-year age difference bothered parents Kim so much that they not hide their relationship to the son-in-law.
“When my mother-in-law first crossed the threshold of my house, the first thing she said to me before said “Hello” to “she’s too young for you.” Since then, I realized that it would be difficult,” said Nicholas.

The representative of the actor has confirmed the information about the divorce.
Recall that the cage was three times married. Before his wives were Patricia Arquette (they had been married for six years and divorced in 2001) and Liza Maria Presley (their marriage lasted only four months).
Nicholas recently not very talkative with the press, and here’s why. A few months ago, cage told reporters why she was so secretive.
“Around the actors is always a lot of mysticism, and novels. But now people are much more interested in not creative artists, and what is happening in their personal lives, so to speak, like picking up dirty linen of celebrities. I know this first hand” — said cage.


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