Nick Gordon has not been allowed to show pictures of Bobbi Kristina brown and Whitney Houston

Nick Gordon, the former civil husband of Bobbi Kristina brown, the only daughter of American singer Whitney Houston and Bobby brown, will not be able to use or sell images from the personal archive of a famous family, to which, fortunately or unfortunately, he was involved for many years.

Recall that recently a young man, who is suspected in the death of Christina, lost the court case, according to the decision of which Nick needs to pay the family of a recognized victim $ 36 million. But that’s not all. Over the years of living in the family of Whitney, who thought guy as a son, he has accumulated a lot of personal information, which Gordon could share with the media. Not for free, of course.
But relatives of Whitney and Christina will not shut eyes to that possibility, and require the court to forbid nick to disclose any personal information about Houston or its civil wife of the deceased, and even more, earn on pictures from personal archive.
“Nick lived with Whitney and Christina for over a decade. Can you imagine how many photos were made during this time,” says the insider. He also added that the Houston family worried that nick might be evidence of addictions of celebrities and her daughter, in particular, drug abuse.
“Whitney’s sometimes an overdose of crack. She might faint or puke. Exactly Nick helped her cope with such conditions, bathed her and put in order. He may well be evidence of her drug abuse.. Kzhdy thinks he wants. If Nick wants to write a book about life in the family of a Houston or a film, it would bring him tens of millions of dollars” — said the source.
According to a new lawsuit filed by the family of Bobbi Kristina brown and Whitney Houston, Nick Gordon “not entitled to receive any profit by using the name Kristina and Whitney.” Relatives of the lost girl also require intensive investigation of her death and claim that the perpetrator not be able to get away and escape punishment.
Recall that Bobbi Kristina found in bathtub of own house in a breathless state. Attempts to revive the girl were successful, but after six months in a coma, never regaining consciousness, Christine died, her body spent too much time under the water and irreversible brain gave her no chance to recover.
As it turned out, the only child of Whitney long suffered from depression after the death of her mother, and Nick Gordon, with whom she lived in a civil marriage, was a despot and a tyrant, humiliating and beating her. Until the end is unknown, whether there has been a suicide attempt, or the girl was in the bathroom after taking the drug itself.

Source: http://radaronline.com
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