Niall Horan told to wait for fans of the One Direction reunion

That success, what was One Direction, was the envy of many groups and solo artists. However, at the peak of its popularity in the British boy band who were formed on “X factor,” collapsed than very disappointed their fans.

Despite the fact that official statements on the dissolution of One Direction was not done, the participants began to engage in their own business, giving to understand that working together they are no longer interested.

The beginning of the end was laid with care, Zayn Malik, and later his example was followed by others.

Slowly and painfully the One Direction fans waited for news about their Pets and one of these days Niall Horan told about future plans.

In an interview with the Sunday People Nyle addressed the question regarding his former colleagues and the possibility of a reunion with them.

“We’ll be back. It would be stupid and ridiculous not to do it,” Niall briefly commented on this topic, however, the date of reunification did not call.

Note that except for Zane, the rest of the guys also do not sit, and, both professionally and personally.

Liam Payne released his first solo single and had an affair with singer Cheryl Cole. Louis Tomlinson first became a father, moved from London to Los Angeles closer to his son and began his career as a producer.

Harry styles is ready to record a solo album with Columbia Records. Moreover, he tried himself in cinema: in the following year he debuted in the film “Dunkirk” by Director Christopher Nolan.

Niall Horan is actively working on the development of his solo career.


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