News of show-business in Russia today, 31.07.2017: secrets of the stars, celebrity news

Latest news from the world of Russian show-business, current at the date of 31 July 2017, reported the following sequence of events from the personal lives of celebrities: Elena Temnikova struck fans photo without makeup. Olga Buzova appeared before the audience in their underwear. Victoria Bonya suspected pregnancy.
32-year-old ex-soloist of group “Silver” Elena Temnikova once again pleased their fans by posting “natural” photos in “Instagram”. On the published photos, made, apparently, during the holidays, a celebrity captured in a one piece bathing suit with open back. Fans noted the naturalness of the image. The girl is not the first time posting photos, which is not noticeable no trace photographs, no signs of makeup on Temnikova. Swimsuit actress successfully emphasized her slim and athletic figure.

Some commentators noted that Elena has a very girlish figure for her 32 years. It should be noted that the ex-soloist of “Silver” for several years became a mommy. By the way, almost immediately after birth Elena Temnikova started to return lost during pregnancy forms. Fans marveled at the rapidity, which the singer has shown to help with weight loss.
The newly minted singer Olga Buzova not cease to amaze his fans with an unexpected choice of outfits. It seems that the famous TV presenter decided to outshine the other stars performing at the concert “Europe Plus” in the pants with a provocative neckline. Thus, everyone could see the underwear girls. Your outfit Olga commented in “Instagram”, she wrote that her Nastya Curls just felt hot. By the way, Nastya had same pants. They girls pose for the camera in front of reporters and performed a joint song in front of a crowd of 300,000 people.
Under the photo of Olga immediately appeared many comments on this topic. Many of them were very sharp. Fans don’t understand what motivated the girl with this outfit. Many openly ridiculed the singer wrote that she could go on stage completely naked and not bother about stage clothes. But Buzova on such attacks not responding. Moreover, this is not the first time a girl amazes everyone with their outfits. Such antics the star of “House-2” once again gives cause media to discuss her person, but Olga did not care about it.
The media personality Victoria Bonia has intrigued fans of unusual videos on social network “Instagram”. She shared details of his diet – some have suspected that the star might be pregnant. While recording video, Bonia said that she had suddenly changed taste preferences. According to him, if before she didn’t like sweets, but now is happy to eat various desserts. Thus, it is quite obvious changes figure girls.

“I don’t understand what’s going on with my body. I do not like sweets, but here I want to eat everything: ice cream, and chocolate chip pancakes” she said. Bonia added that overeat so much that now he wants to eat something salty. “What could it be?” – asks model. Members suspected that Bonia became pregnant. “Maybe someone’s pregnant?” – asks a rhetorical question one of the commentators. “Vic, could You be pregnant?” – joins other inquiries. “You’re pregnant”, – confidently says the network user.