News of show-business in Russia today, 11.08.2017: secrets of the stars, celebrity news on August 11

Show business of Russia is replete with a large number of events connected somehow with the personal life of stars. For example, today, August 11, there are the following news: Yulia Baranovskaya asked to hide the face. Anfisa Chekhov has frankly told about the tortures on themselves. Fans of Elena Temnikova criticized her two year old daughter.

TV presenter Yulia Baranovskaya rests with the children of the sea in Montenegro. On his page on Instagram she boasted: “We have a whole day devoted to fun, trying to see as much as possible, and when the end of the day returned to the ship, until late in the evening just sitting on the deck and admiring the stunning views”. But fans of the stars are attracted not describe the surrounding beauty and its appearance. “And what kind of spots?”, “Julia, what’s with the face?”, “You already burned!”, “The pigment has got a lot of sun,” “God looked, the sun obviously does not go”, “Hide your face, terror because”, “Julia, well, how much could you put the face of the sun, enough, and already the spots on the face!”, “Without makeup is so ugly, horror”, “Tanned like a poker,” the fans excitedly write.

Remembered her breakup with football player Andrey Arshavin, which Baranovskaya lived for ten years. “Arshavin finally all is well, no matter how much you humiliated, fell through the floor itself, Very good that Arshavin all good thing have wept and forgave him!” – notice users.

A few weeks ago TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov has promised its followers to share a personal story about how he suffered and was abused himself in his youth, trying to maintain good form. Fans, of course, would love to know the secret of a good figure from Anfisa, as from a man, which for this purpose I tried a lot. For some time, no news from Chekhova on this subject was not. Fans thought that the presenter decided not to tell his story. But, finally, in the network appeared the post. It Anfisa admitted that they realized their fullness in his youth, when, standing on the scales, she saw a terrible figure for yourself 72. In the meantime, all her friends weighed about 47 pounds. Then Chekhov began to experiment with different diets. She honestly said that during his life, experienced every diet you can imagine.
The most effective was the technique of separation of power. But somehow after some time the weight came back. A true hell was the pill that so actively began to advertise back in the ‘ 90s. The effect was certainly noticeable. But after that Anfisa appeared dystonia. Chekhov recovered. She decided to quit the venture to fight obesity such methods at the age of 27 years. It was then that the girl learned to love herself for who she is. And from that moment her life changed.

The daughter of ex-soloist of the group SEREBRO Elena Temnikova were negatively perceived in Instagram. The singer shared in his microblog live with his daughter Sasha, where she sang the song sitting on a camel. Fans willingly expressed his personal opinion that “they are annoyed with her daughter, who can’t sing”. Fans did not take into account the fact that the daughters vocalist on the strength of just 2 years and she still has room to grow and what skills to improve. Thus we can say that negative feedback about the daughter of the singer left only those people who do not have their own children.

What is interesting to add that the Elena Temnikova has not commented on the attack against her daughter. This is not surprising when you consider the fact that at this stage of life singer with a busy job.