News of show-business in Russia today, 08.08.2017: secrets of the stars, celebrity news

Latest news of show business in Russia today, August 8, 2017, provide information on the following sequence of events in the life of Russian celebrities: Anfisa Chekhova was similar to steak. Daria Moroz suddenly shocked fans with the bikini. Online fans came to the conclusion that Ksenia Sobchak is afraid to wear swimsuits.

Popular TV presenter Anfisa Chekhov showed his fans a nice tan, which she got just three days of stay in Turkey. “3 days spent on the beach makes your body, similar to a well-done ribeye steak????????,” wrote the star in Instagram, having published the corresponding photos. Fans girls were amazed that in just a few days the presenter managed to achieve such beautiful and smooth tone. Many complimented her and admitted that tan Chekhova very well. Anfisa admitted that it does not fixated on the tan. And very often her friends ask if sunbathing girl at all. Because of rest, she basically came back pale.
Anfisa told me about how earlier, when Moscow began to appear in the Solarium, she went and laid there for hours, because at that time they worked is not normalized. Says it all, the presenter in horror. But to go there had, as work at the club with her were often paid with certificates on a hike in the Solarium. Not disappear as they had. In the end, Chekhov soon became like a mulatto than attracted a lot of attention from the men was drawn to the exotic. And even just passers-by could not pass by and not be photographed with the girl.

Actress Daria Moroz has pleased its fans with a candid shot in a bikini. Photos holiday by the sea, the actress has published in his Instagram, calling enthusiastic fans and often wishes to show the figure. A good summer mood, relax by the sea, beach and sun is what anyone will lose their head. Was no exception and the famous actress Daria Moroz. In her Instagram appeared hot pictures in bikini, caused a flurry of favorable comments subscribers actress. Fans were delighted by what they saw. Another would be: to do in a social network Daria laid out for the most part only family photos, offering to share with her the joy of an ordered and happy life. In social networks many photos of Daria, her daughter, Anna. A lot of photos from the shoot. But luxurious chiseled figure, the actress has demonstrated for the first time.

“Well what can I say… Beautiful, slim, smart and very talented.” “Daria,a figure often it is necessary to show, why hide such beauty?”. “Beautiful, lovely figure, molodec!”, – filled with compliments to the actress. “Thank you! But what effect, when rarely show!”, – with pleasure has answered the fans of Daria.

35-year-old Russian TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak with her husband Maxim Vitorgan went on holiday in Malibu where publishes pictures in Instagram. Her fans agreed that Sobchak hesitate to wear swimsuits in the sun. In the last picture from vacation the presenter appeared in a baggy Bathrobe on the beach. Her fans suggested that Sobchak or shy to show your figure after childbirth, or doesn’t want to get a tan. They also approved a straw hat of Xenia, in which she looks much older than his years.

Earlier, Ksenia Sobchak said in social networks: it is not concerned that she looks “not fashion”, since “happiness around very much.” It is possible that a popular TV presenter simply decided therefore to attract more attention from the large army of fans.