News of show-business in Russia today, 07.09.2017: secrets of the stars, celebrity news on September 7

Latest news from the Russian segment of the show business today, September 7, 2017, report the mass of events from the personal life of stars. You can highlight the following: Anna Semenovich was subjected to obstruction for an unsuccessful Botox injections. Irena Ponaroshku is concerned about their health. Kathy Topuria officially confirmed the separation with her husband.

Singer Anna Semenovich shared with fans of creative plans, told about new projects. But subscribers artist interested in the changes in appearance of the singer and suspected that Anna did Botox injections. Anna Semenovich in his blog said that in the fall she planned several new projects. But followers of Anna was more interested in her appearance. According to them, the face of the singer looks unusual, as if she was talking to the beautician for the “beauty shots”: “Botox is pinned up, and apparently failed!”, “Look very odd to the eye. You injection was done?”, “Or injections, or the first plastic surgery, but the face is quite another,” “do Not disfigure yourself with Botox, don’t get another doll!”.
The singer could not pass up the criticism and said that to the specialists for injection rejuvenation is not applied, and small changes associated with autumn lack of sleep. However, still there are those fans who voted in favor of the fact that actually she doesn’t want to reveal the whole truth about it.

TV presenter Irena Ponaroshku admitted that lately she has been removing moles on my body. But after successful procedures on the skin still remain traces of the white spots that not be removed. The star asked the Council of podeschi how best to deal with this problem. She also reminded the girls that the removal of any of the entities is possible only after consultation of the oncologist. About the residual traces of Irena said: “the Scar always remains the way it is trauma from the outside. Removal of neoplasms – this is a minor surgery. The scar will be a white spot on a tanned body.”

Also received less pessimistic response: “Irina, that’s great that you have written about compulsory consultation of a dermatologist before you remove moles. It is also very important after the removal to make a histological analysis, confirming the purity of moles. About the white spots after removal, their appearance depends not only on the skill of the doctor and the method of removal (laser removal is less invasive, more accurate), but the size of the moles, localization, wound care and individual abilities of skin to regenerate”. Most of podeschi once again admired how good he looks Fun and wished her a good day and good health.

The soloist of group “A-Studio” Keti Topuria, for the first time officially confirmed the rumors that she and her husband Lev Gamanam are not together. The actress publicly asked the father of his daughter Olivia. “Levchik, thank you for the happiness called Olivia! I love you very much, although we have not together, but we’re family, we’re friends and that’s forever. I love you,” the singer wrote on his page in Instagram. Thus, the actress made clear that, despite the separation, she and her husband spend a lot of time together and together bring up the child. In support of this, Katie posted a picture where Leo is walking with the baby.

The first assumption that the couple parted, appeared a few months ago. However, all this time, official confirmation of these rumors was not. Confused fans and what Kathy and Leo continue to spend time together. However, there is no information whether the singer has a new man. While Topuria is not even hinted. About the personal life of Gahman know nothing.