News of show-business in Russia today, 05.09.2017: secrets of the stars, celebrity news for September 5

News of the Russian show-business that have relevance today, September 5, reported a lot of events. The following news highlights: Julia Kovalchuk before the birth returned to Moscow. Psychologists stated that Maxim Galkin suffers from lack of attention. Evelina Bledans came across the criticism of fans for the new image.

Popular singer Yulia Kovalchuk glad to be back in Moscow. The singer admitted that while she is not annoying weather and even traffic jams. That Julia Kovalchuk, which, according to some information, expecting first child, returned to Russia, became known through the official website of the singer in the social network Instagram. Julia has published a photo, which captured a closeup of breast (lately the singer always removed) wrote that she was glad to return to Moscow.

“I missed you so much in Moscow that I like: cloudy and cool, and the holiday cooking and even traffic jams don’t annoy?? travel on business and pleasure))),” – said Kovalchuk. Numerous subscribers who are watching closely the life of a celebrity, responded immediately. They expressed their admiration, as the appearance of Julia is continuously being transformed for the better.

Psychologists analyzed the behavior of the famous humorist Maxim Galkin, said that he was suffering from a lack of public attention. The fault of this “rabotnicheska” is the popularity of his wife Alla Pugacheva. Experts are sure that in recent times, the syndrome of lack of attention Galkin escalated. This manifests itself in excessive activity in social networks. Psychologists explain that some of the videos, which he publishes in the Network is a whole theatrical Comedy and he is trying to attract to the person more attention. Analyzing a few Galkina and Pugacheva, it is understandable why the actor behaves “like a child”. In fact, in supra here acts as a mother. Thus, while in society, all the attention goes to Pugachev, while Galkin is in her shadow. Then he starts “fooling around” to draw attention to themselves.
Galkin himself in his characteristic ironic form said experts on their “diagnosis”. In Instagtam he posted a video where he bathed and at the same commutes that we need more bare. The impersonator said that constantly publishes photos and videos for his fans, he wants them to “likes”. However, he believed that all people to some degree vain and want attention from others, however, as it turned out, he was one “sick”.

Famous actress and TV presenter Evelina Bledans called their fans to the theater for a performance of “Love in Italian”, having published the corresponding video in one of the social networks. In a video message, you can see the costume that actress and TV presenter will play on the stage. Of course, the outfit Evelina very Frank, emphasizing the chest, short, but very interesting “accessory” in the form of a whip and did many recalled the images of the lovers of BDSM, on this and many other relentless members Evelina. They should say, probably forgot that Bledans not decide the suit, is the work of costume designers, and all this just for a role in the play.
But anyway, in the comments you can see many condemnatory sentences: “gross”, “Vulgar”, “What’s with the getup, you’re a mother. Shame on you”, “your age to dress like this – indecent.” Only some fans were able to share the image created specifically for the play and the actress is a wonderful woman and a good mother. These people came to the defense of Bledans decided to remind others that the actors sometimes play different characters and judge for this Evelina is not necessary, but better to go and see “Love in Italian” to enjoy the talent of the actress.