News of show-business in Russia today, 01.09.2017: secrets of the stars, celebrity news on September 1

Latest news from the world of Russian show-business that is relevant today, September 1, 2017, provide information on the following events: Stanislav Sadalsky has asked his fans to keep quiet. Sergei Shnurov will host a programme about cats on the First channel. Dana Borisova was justified in using dependent from alcohol Eugene Aspen.

Famous actor Stanislav Sadalsky always in great detail and actively speaks on the problematic issues in a personal blog. But today’s post was surprisingly brief. He noticed that lately, too much talking, but nothing can be done about it. Indeed, the name of Sadalsky not been on the front pages of the media, especially news sites. He recently condemned the Maxim Galkin for the too frequent appearance on the same channel. There were also many other topical posts. In addition, the actor shares his impressions from various trips, remembers departed colleagues, catch up with friends.

His followers Stanislav did give helpful advice: “Learn not to tell anybody anything. Here then all will be well…” the Fans did not agree with Sadalsky, but supported his stance: “we Need to talk. You are doing the right thing. Honestly without hypocrisy. Thank You, do not be silent, Stanislav Jurevich! Thanks to Your TRUE mood, that there are such real people!” They shared their eternal problem of the inability to keep my mouth shut, because I always strive to achieve justice in everything.

On the First channel from September 3 launched a new program about cats with the leader of the rock group “Leningrad” Sergey Shnurov as a leading. The flamboyant artist in society three assistants will lead the entertainment show “the Main kitty of the country.” It should be noted that the work on the First channel for Sergey Shnurov it is quite a usual thing. Previously, he was co-hosting the programme about the relationship between men and women. He was also a regular guest on the “Christmas lights” and took part in a humorous show “Evening Urgant”. Now on his shoulders lay the program on the life of the cats. Cords himself explained that he was an amazing cat. It was treated like a king and fed with a spoon of black caviar, but the animal still remained similar to the “shabby” neighborhood cat.
Cord concluded that Pets, particularly cats, are very similar to their owners, as it was his cat, so, in fact, the program is not about cats, but about people. The release of the First channel said that the transfer will begin symbolically with the house Shnurov. He opened the door to a film crew and get acquainted with the cat Basil, to show the country who is their boss. The artist will be held on the streets of St. Petersburg, visit the Hermitage, go down into basements, or even sneak into attics and rooftops to unravel the secret life of cats. The program promises to be entertaining and informative and especially appreciate the “cat owner”.

Treated for drug addiction TV presenter Dana Borisova responded to the accusations that only helps the rich fellow sufferers. In his microblog, she wrote, who else was lucky enough to get her support. “Many accuse me that I save only for the rich and famous,” writes Dana. She confirmed that she was persuaded to leave the apartment and to accept help suffering from alcoholism singer Evgeny Osin.

“Now save cosmetologist from Donetsk Ivanna, her parents died during the bombing, a well-known ballerina and also the girl Dasha from Cannes. Girl left alone with children, and all three of them drink,” – said Borisov in Instagram. “Not too and it is important that the two of them – millions, and the third can barely scrape together on food son. The trouble they have in common,” added the TV presenter. But so good-natured and life-affirming post has caused controversy among social media users. Some believe that Dana hoisted on their fragile shoulders the burden.