News from the family Tarasova may well be a “blow” to Olga Buzova

At this point many were interested in the reaction of Olga Buzova on the incident. So, many were unable to deceive the attempts of leading the youth of the project not to ignore the incident. It is worth noting that after news of the marriage Tarasova Olga almost immediately was on a drip, which many thought strange, despite the statements of the girl that it happened due to fatigue, the website life-dom2.su.

It is likely that Buzova a big shock could be a recent action of Anastasia Kostenko. More recently, the girl bore the name of Kostenko, and now is proud to be your coach is already changing the data in your instagram. Although she could do so and not on purpose, the subscribers believe, the newly Tarasova did everything to finish of its predecessor.

“Why this tantrum? And who else’s name was supposed to take the wife after marriage? Neighbor? They live well and Buzova not think” – wrote fans of “House 2”.