New video of the Duo CAT’s MORSI Between us

The young Duo KAT MORSI submitted a video for the song “Between us”. The Director spoke a little-known music video Director Delia Alshina.
On the screen the actors playing the couple. It is noteworthy that some time ago Julia and Yuri (Duo) and indeed it was. Much water has since flowed. At the time of signing of the contract with the famous composer and producer Maxim Fadeev the kids were bound only creativity. And then the wily Fadeyev argued with the artists that their music will revive again the old feelings. The dispute was boldly adopted by the performers. And now in the new work, Yuri and Julia showed a piece of their past, of their relationship to the audience.
The story begins with a quarrel of the heroes. At the limit of emotions, the girl rushes out of the apartment. By the time the guy had time to realize what was happening, she already got in a taxi and drove away. No matter how trying the hero to chase her, it was all in vain. Later, fate still gave the pair a chance to meet. But the moment was lost, and the senses gave a crack.
The song “Between us” was released as a single on September 21. This is the second work of the Duo since then, as the musicians were wards of the family. The debut single of the band was released in July. By its nature, it contrasts with a lyrical song “Between us”. That suggests that musicians don’t work in the template. To test this theory fans with release of new artists.

Source: https://radiopotok.ru/news/5717/