New trailer for the Comedy “the Bridget Jones”

Universal Picture has released the second official trailer for the Comedy drama “Child of Bridget Jones”.

As we already know, the plot will be based on the pregnancy of the main heroine performed by Renee Zellweger and two of the potential dads, which in the third part of the franchise, “Bridget Jones was played by Colin Firth and Patrick Dempsey.

Note that, as before, Bridget keeps a diary, but this time, not handwritten, and electronic.

His old diaries, she also keeps and turns, Recalling the romance with Darcy. Two of the potential dads, in turn, in all possible ways try to gain the attention of Bridget.

Recall that the “Child of Bridget Jones” has become a kind of return of Renee Zellweger in a big movie. Few years, the actress is not what was filmed, she generally tried not to be seen by anyone. Here’s how this “calm” commented herself a celebrity.

As it turned out, Renee was so tired from the constant shooting, and simply had to pause, because to live in a rhythm meant to completely ruin your health. In addition, Zellweger is tired of itself and the glory that followed her everywhere. It got to the point that she became disgusted with my own voice.

“It took me a while to re-connect with people on a human level that I have seen and heard. The real me, not the image that accompanies me everywhere. It is impossible to be a good conversationalist, if there is no life experience, and I too missed a lot in life because of work,” said Zellweger.

Tired Renee refused a large number of highly successful projects, but now she has no regrets.

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