New male member of Feofilaktova mired in debt to the Bank

Despite the fact that no official statements regarding changes in his personal life, the girl didn’t do, the network has already appeared information about the identity of her new suitor, which was a 32-year-old businessman – David Avanesyan. According to relatives, to Wife people, the man is markedly different from its predecessor, and with it Eugene looks happy, says the website life-dom2.su.

But the haters have already found a man compromising. If you believe the information on the website of the bailiffs, Avanesyan a lot of outstanding fines. Moreover, about 100 thousand roubles the man has under the credit agreement for a Bank.

“Yeah, the payment of fines Jack clearly will not help, because if she didn’t help Anton, the former spouse, in this case, I think we should not even assume” – said the youth fans of the TV show.