New Frankenstein can be Javier Bardem

New Frankenstein can be Javier Bardem

To the universe of Universal monsters have joined Tom cruise and Russell Crowe.

Javier Bardem may join the universe of Universal monsters. Negotiations between the parties are at an early stage.

If the transaction is closed then the actor will try on the image of Frankenstein (the doctor or the monster, as yet unknown). In addition, it is not necessary that Bardem would get a solo project. However, according to a source, the Oscar-winning character will play an important role in the new Universal universe.

The first project in this series will be “the Mummy”. The leading role of a soldier of the special forces, will be performed by Tom cruise. In the image of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde will stand Russell Crowe. It is reported that on the same role claimed Bardem, however, the Studio chose the star of Goodfellas.


Source: thr.ru
Photo: kinopoisk.ru